When is LTC going to hit a top? I believe we are close

I am not good at picking tops. I don't usually try to call it because I don't trade it. However, I believe we are close to a short term top. Sentiment is euphoric on LTC right now. So euphoric that this forum's discussion have been derailed by LTC in the last two days. Top traders on LTC futs are at 66% or higher, that is unheard of in BTC land. 

During a period of consolidation as a trader, read some trading history!

During a period of consolidation, I, as a trend follower, usually avoid trading because the direction is unclear. I recommend reading on some of history and bubbles of financial institutions. I am sure many know about the tulip bubble. However, there are many that are involved with central bank and debt. If you haven't heard of the south sea company, you should definite check it out.