buy the rumor sell the news

How to speculate news

Lets talk about speculation, many of you are aware that US marshal announced that they are going to auction off more coins. Some ask why this causes further price drop? Shouldn't it be discounted since this was known to be in Q1? Some long term holders will buy off the market so it should not affect price? 

Bitcoin Paypal market reaction update 09/08/2014

Paypal news as everyone is aware of, is good. It is good for adoption and good for fundamentals. As a technical analyst, I pay special attention to how market reacts to news. Lets be real, the ad is a BFD, big fucking deal, for rumors-ville, it pretty much suggest they will start adapting bitcoin into their existing business model. For a high speculative interest product like bitcoin, "buy the rumor, sell the news" works pretty darn well.