Jesse Livermore's version of bitfinex flash crash.

The market fairly boiled, as I had expected. The transactions were enormous and the fluctuations unprecedented in extent. I put in a lot of selling orders at the market. When I saw the opening prices I had a fit, the breaks were so awful. My brokers were on the job. They were as competent and conscientious as any; but by the time they executed my orders the stocks had broken twenty points more. The tape was way behind the market and reports were slow in coming in by reason of the awful rush of business.

As a stock trader, I would like to remind everyone what is speculation.

In the world of speculation, it is full of emotion and adrenline. It makes sense because human nature never changes. Greed, hope and despair gets the best of us and this is the fundamental reason why technical analysis even exist. As a speculative trader, you need to be disciplined. You need to understand your strength and weakness from your core. Only after being able to contain your emotions, can you begin to improve your trading skills. How many times have you tried to buy a stock or bitcoin with research etc... but you were too scared to pull the trigger?