BTC sentiment turning increasingly bearish when price hasn't turned yet

I find sentiment on the bitcoin price very interesting. While many didn't expect this level of choppiness coupled with low volatility. Sentiment on here and twitter have been increasingly bearish even though price says other wise. We are hovering around the 52 week high, in fact, we had the highest 52 week close last week. Yet, traders are getting increasing bearish based on fundamentals and the rise of ethereum.

Bitcoin trading Q/A: indicators, trade secrets and trading style.

Hi, I've been following you for a while now. I'm a huge fan of your calls. I started trading a year ago, when I started college. I bought in when Bitcoin was at ~$1000 (yeah). Basically lost most of my money .....

I'm impressed by how accurate your calls are. Though I don't follow your exit, I usually follow your entry.

Bitcoin sentiment for this bull rally

Lets talk about sentiment. The last 2 times we tested 280/270 area. People were ecstatic about it. I remember people were talking about the thought this rally would turn over a new leaf.

This time is slightly different, more people remain skeptical; patiently waiting for more bullish signals. The volatility of this bull move is lower and more stable. Unlike past rallies where market spikes up huge followed by steady decline, we manage to hold on to most of the gains for now.