socialized losses

Closing my Okcoin account if they don't do anything about socialized losses

I pledge to close my Okcoin account by the end of this week if they do not take action on the socialized issue that I've pointed out in this reddit post. This week is even worse at 3xx btc loss.

I like to vote with my money, and that is what companies are afraid of. If you plan to do similar, and take a stance, please comment (purely on a  voluntary basis). 

I am looking for other exchanges with a better system. I heard 796 is good. Currently still using bitfinex.

Okcoin, BTC insurance fund and socialized losses is not sustainable.

I think most of you are aware of the new changes to socialized losses on btc futures at Okcoin. If so, skip ahead. In summary, they are going to stop adding insurance funds. This is used as a safety net for margin called losses that aren't filled. As of today, the weekly insurance fund is at 17BTC with last week’s loss totaling more than 150+BTC.