10-30-2015 Bitcoin market update, market consolidating/churing.

Price has stabilized a bit from yesterday's rollercoaster. We are not out yet, market is in a state of indecision. On one hand, the dip buyers who wanted to buy a dip but never got a chance this entire run up is buying now. On the other hand, those who has made big bucks is taking profit. I also believe people who were very long HOLDers are here taking advantage of the high price selling a little.

With such volatility, the likely scenario is high volatility churning. This type of pattern usually leads to further pullback. But,, but, but China China China. Anything is possible.

On a side note, people ask where I trade, how much coins I hold. I do majority of my trading on okcoin and bitfinex. I am pretty impressed with okcoin's futures matching engine this run up. With such volatility, there was no clawbacks aka socialized losses. I was concerned because there were literally 10 pages worth of liquidations and some positions were > 10K. Nope, no losses, and the insurance fund is going up. I cannot comment on their volume, nor I can I discern real from self trading volume on huobi/btcchina/stamp.