Bitcoin price bearish. Hit downward resistance, price down.

I haven't posted an update since the finex hack. The general sentiment here seems to be a disinterest in bitcoin. With an alt coin pumping left and right every day, it seems like traders and investors are in the beginning phase of diversifying some of their crypto portfolio. Volume and volatility is extremely low right now which is interesting after two big dips. During previous bull runs, a sharp drop is quickly faced with bounce and large volatility. Is this time different?TM. To me, this is almost as if mr.btcmarket is saying traders are OK with these price levels, the fair value is this. We have not retested our highs, but drifts lower and lower. Let see if this short pays off.

Does anyone have any update on when core will release segwit the 1.7mb increase? There seem to be a lack of update on this. I do not believe there is a timeline correct? People's ETA is end of year.