Bitcoin weekly market update, June 10, 2016

Market consolidating at the top of the range. On the 4 hours, BTCCNY has made a lower high which might look like a head and shoulder pattern. I am short term bearish and I am short from slightly below here at 582 (biweekly, still need to rollover). Longer term, I am much more bullish on the weekly and monthly. In addition, I realized ethereum is holding up pretty well in this big bull run up, that suggest that people are definitely holding/buying ethereum. I think when bitcoin pullback, we will see another surge higher.

If you haven't heard about, I did an interview with them this week about my background, trading tips for newbies and some hard learned trading lessons. The format is pretty chill so please check them out. If you are short on time, 8:30 I start talking. 27:40: trading tips and lessons. Let me know if you got any questions or feedback.