Bitfinex's new fee structure is effectively a fee increase

Original announcement for fee structure

So effectively, bitifnex increased their fees for most traders. Currently at 500 BTC 30 day volume is 0.08% maker fee. Now I need 1700BTC to achieve the same fee structure. To sugar coat this, finex added a bunch of tiers that has very high trading volume. 

Above $30,000,000

That is your weekly exchange trading volume sir. Do you honestly believe that someone will be in this tier? If they were to keep this tier every 4 weeks, their trading volume is 25% of your exchange.

So please, if you are going to increase fees, give it to us straight. Instead of this 

unify our BTC and LTC trading fee schedules into one universal tier structure

Based on the bitfinex volume for 10 week rolling average.

LTC averaged 1.6million weekly or 6.4million USD traded at 4USD/LTC.

BTC averaged 150K weekly or 42million USD traded at 280USD/BTC.

So not really, LTC volume has not picked up to levels near BTC in terms of value traded. If I am the only LTC trader on finex and traded for an entire week, I couldn't even qualify the mid-point of your tier system: From $7,500,000 to $9,999,999.