July 17, 2015. Bitcoin Weekly update, pullback in a bullish trend

We were down 4 days in a row, by Friday, the selloff slowed and dips were bought. Taking a look at the daily chart, we are still above major support and above rising trendline bitcoin daily chart/supports

If price can consolidate and stay above major support and trendlines, it is bullish. I will be buying the dips. If we falter, I expect another retrace to 250 around the 200 day moving average.

I also got hate mails, bad trader, bad calls etc... because my recent trade had a loss of 4.8%. My only comment is that, as a trader, it is only probable that I am profitable on a trade, not guaranteed. I am not a fortune teller. Please don't blindly follow any trades. Risk appetite and risk management is different for everyone. If I posted a disclaimer every time, I feel conceited so I don't know.