Yolotrades says it best about the new sets of ICO and token crowd sales on ethereum

Original discussion by BonerpaTroll on reddit:  I keep reading about Digix. Is it just me or does it sound crazy to invest in a derivative of a coin, especially at the maturity level that ethereum is at right now?


I have a feeling we'll be seeing a bunch of eth DAO pre-sale "IPOs" in the coming months, but for all the wrong reasons. Remember the altcoin craze a few years back where people were making tons and tons of ridiculous and shitty coins every day just to premine, pump and dump them? Well, some other DAO "token" presales have had success and been pumped (and dumped) so now everyone wants a piece. I have a feeling the scam rate on these DAO pre-sales is about to go sky high over the next few months. Vet your investments carefully. I for one got in to digital currency to escape physical money, and that includes gold... so why in the fuck would I use my digital currency to back up a physical asset? Not only that, but there's a bunch of red flags on their page, like how they don't mention any measure of purity... just that it's "backed with real gold!". Also, 15% of the tokens are going to developers, and even if you're a 15k investor only the developers can propose changes... you just get a shitty vote on their shitty propositions.

Tread carefully guys. I know we all want to think it could never happen to eth and that this is all pretty flowers and rainbows and "moon" and "new paradigm!", but mark my words these pre-sales are going to become common and common sources of scams. It's a curse of prior success, so just remember when you shit on bitcoin, you're shitting on it having made it 7 years down the road without failing, on it having made it through seven years of scams and copies and exchange hacks and arrests and bad publicity.... ETH is just coming out of the gate. Let's survive some real troubles before we all start wagging our dicks. I think your hesitance is well placed.